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A College Savings Pep Talk

Content provided by the College Savings Plans Network. By Luke Minor, Marketing & Communications Manager Washington's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program June 30, 2014 As much ... Read More

Summer Break is no Time to Break from Saving

By John Perdue, West Virginia State Treasurer College Savings Plan Network Executive Board Member As a parent, I know how proud I am to see my children reach important milestones in life, like graduati... Read More

Class of 2014

By Kathleen McGrath Director, PA 529 College Savings Program June 9, 2014 My “baby” just graduated from college. The last of three. It is bittersweet. Bitter in that she is all grown-up – I can... Read More

College Savings Plans: It's Never Too Late to Start

By Robin Lott Executive Director, Michigan Education Trust June 2, 2014 Summer is finally here and it’s graduation time once again!  Families are busy preparing to honor students and to celebrat... Read More

529 Day: What a Difference a Day Makes

By Patricia Roberts Managing Director, AllianceBernstein Investments May 26, 2014 Thursday, May 29, marks 529 College Savings Day, a day to raise awareness about the value of planning ahead for college ex... Read More

Pending Legislation Would Make 529 Plans Even More Appealing

By Joan Marshall Executive Director, College Savings Plans of Maryland May 22, 2014 A couple of months ago in this space, we talked about the benefits of HR 4333, a relatively new bill in... Read More

Work Hard. Stay Humble. Dream Big

By Ryan Betz Associate Director of Marketing & Communications Washington Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program May 19, 2014 I return from an incredible week in Orlando attending the National Associatio... Read More

Moms and Education: A Mother's Day Reflection

By Patricia Roberts Managing Director, AllianceBernstein May 11, 2014 When I speak with adult children of all ages about the admiration they have for their mothers, the topic of education always seems to sur... Read More

De-mystifying 529 Prepaid Programs

By Mary G. Morris, CEO, Virginia529 May 5, 2014 After deciding on a 529 plan for their college savings, one of the first questions asked by many families is “savings plan or prepaid tuition plan?&rdquo... Read More

Keeping Up the Pace - U.S. Falling Behind in Post-Secondary Educational Attainment

By Lisa S. Cleveland Director of Communications, National Association of State Treasurers April 28, 2014 We’ve all heard the adage, “Unless you’re the lead dog, the scenery never changes.&rdquo... Read More

Spring Clean Your Finances

By Young Boozer, Alabama State Treasurer Vice Chairman of the College Savings Plans Network April 21, 2014 It’s time to spring clean your finances. You won’t need a mop, bucket or soap. Y... Read More

Believe it or Not, Your Kids are Paying Attention & Your Savings Efforts Make a Big Difference

By Ryan Betz, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications, Washington Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program April 8, 2014 Since I was a young boy, I was told by my parents that college would be a ... Read More

New Proposed Federal Legislation Supports Families Saving for College

By Joan Marshall, executive director, College Savings Plans of Maryland April 4, 2014 I’m excited about a new bill that was introduced last week in the House of Representatives (HR 4333) because it is desi... Read More

Tax Refunds Can Boost Your College Savings

By Paul Paeglis Executive Director, Ohio Tuition Trust Authority March 31, 2014 According to a recent survey by the financial services firm Edward Jones, only 8% of respondents said they planned to inve... Read More

Create Your Own Pot O' Gold this St. Patrick's Day

By Iowa State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald March 17, 2014 As State Treasurer of Iowa and administrator of College Savings Iowa, I frequently have the opportunity to talk to grandparents about saving for their grand... Read More

New CSPN Data Indicates Continued Growth for College Savings Plans

By Betty Lochner, Chair, College Savings Plans Network March 11, 2014 Today, the College Savings Plans Network published its 2013 Year-End 529 Report, which features aggregated data from the 103 ... Read More

Saving for College -- Two Plans are Better Than One!

By Sheila Salehian Senior Deputy Treasurer, Office of Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall March 3, 2014 Contributing to a prepaid tuition plan and a traditional 529 college savings plan simultaneously&h... Read More

Kids Remind Us of What's Important: Technology Brings Us Together

By:  Betty Lochner, Director of Washington’s Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program & CSPN Chair You may or may not be aware... Read More

Happy Presidents Day

By Jim DiUlio Director, Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program We celebrate Presidents Day each February, and it gives us a chance to reflect on our country’s history and leaders.  There has been... Read More

529 Savings Plan Guide by  Read More


Great job to the staff writers at Online Colleges. With tuition shooting higher and no end in sight, many students’... Read More

Top 5 college movies to learn from

The Real College Guide: Campus Life Top Five College Movies to Watch and Learn From By Abragail Kappel for The Real College Guide If “Intro to College Themes in American Cinema” didn’t make it to your... Read More

Searching for the right college? 10 that slip under the radar.

!-- SPONSOR UNIT BEGINS --> The Real College Guide Top 10 Outstanding Colleges that Slip Under the Radar By Rachel Smith for The Real College Guide It isn’t all about the Ivies, kids. Parade ... Read More

Top 10 Majors Most Likely To Get You Hired

The Real College Guide Top 10 Majors Most Likely To Get You Hired By Lauren Joffe for The Real College Guide For students entering a somewhat bleak hiring market, your college major could be... Read More

Top 10 Weirdest College Majors - Bowling is our favorite!

The Real College Guide Top 10 Weirdest Majors By Nancy Mucciarone for The Real College Guide After experimenting with different elective classes and talking over your goals with an academic advisor, it’s ... Read More

Saving for college? Your kid could be the next Steve Jobs.

The Real College Guide: School/Career Stuff College-age Entrepreneurs By Lauren Joffe for The Real College Guide Dreaming of becoming the next Steve Jobs? You’re not alone. College students and recent gr... Read More

Top 10 Most Shocking Degrees Held by Celebrities

The Real College Guide Top 10 Most Shocking Degrees Held by Celebrities By Ocean Gildee for The Real College Guide Who knew celebrities went to college? And who would’ve thought they didn’t all major in dr... Read More

Welcome to Gift of College

Welcome to the Gift of College Blog! Saving for college is one of the most important things you can do for your family. With rising college costs and college loans becoming more expensive and harder to attain, start... Read More

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