What is

GiftofCollege is a securely designed college savings website that uses social networking to facilitate donations.

How can I get started?

Register your existing college savings plan with GiftofCollege to ensure your plan remains visible to family and friends during important gift giving occasions.

How do I register my college savings plan?

After logging in, simply click “Add New” in Account Manager/Savings Plans.

Why don't I see my college savings plan?

Though it is our goal to work with all plans, there is a handful that we currently do not. If your college savings plan is not on our list and you would like to have it added, please contact us at

How do I know donations are going to the right place?

GiftofCollege verifies all registered plans before donations are accepted. Members can track their donations on this web site. Donations will also be visible on investment plan statements and show up as Gift Of College Inc.

How safe is my personal information? uses a 256-byte encryption coding certificate (SSL Certificate), which stops hackers in their tracks and prevents them from viewing your personal information. Your information is always secure on our web site.

Can GiftofCollege access the money in a registered account?

No. Once transfers are initiated, GiftofCollege immediately routes donations to the designated savings plan. Money is not held or touched by anyone but the account holder.

If I give a gift, can I get a refund?

No. Once you initiate a donation, the funds will be processed immediately and routed to the designated savings plan. GiftofCollege cannot access the funds. All donations are final.

Could my gift be rejected?

This happens rarely. If a plan reaches its annual limit, or if family involvement changes the structure of a plan, the donation may be rejected. In these cases, GiftofCollege immediately notifies the registered member and issues a full refund to the gift giver.

How long do gifts take to get to the college savings plan?

Gift contributions take between 3 and 14 days before showing up on plan statements.

Can I use GiftofCollege if I don’t have a college savings plan myself?

Yes. As a member you can become friends with and comment on other member profiles. You can view and make donations to savings plans.

Does it cost anything to register an account?

It is free to register an account as a member. However, gift givers contributing to a profile are assessed up to a 5% processing/service fee per transaction. This fee covers costs associated with this service.

How do I remove my savings plan from

While registered savings plans are permanently attached to your account, you can uncheck the “Active” box in Account Manager/Savings Plans to make your profile invisible to viewers. You can also “Edit” your plan in the same location.

How do I delete my GiftofCollege account?

Please don’t become a stranger once your goal is reached. GiftofCollege is a fun place to interact, share, and help others reach their college savings goals. But if you must go and would like to permanently delete your account, please email from your email on file with us. Please put “Delete Account” in the subject line.

I have a question and your help doesn't help!

Sorry about that. Please contact us at with your questions and we will promptly respond with an answer. Please note: we do not offer investment advice. If your questions pertain directly to a college savings plan and what may be the best product, we suggest using our "learn about 529's" or "investment plan choices" sections.