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A Gift Registry for College Savings and Student Loans

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Give the Gift of College® Savings and Student Loan Payments!

Gift of College® Gift Cards are always the Right Choice.

A Gift of College® gift card is the perfect gift for all occasions including: newborn baby gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, Hanukkah gifts, and Christmas gifts. Gift of College® gift cards can be used to save for college or pay off existing student loans. 

Start Saving for College or Pay Down existing Student Loans today. It's FREE!

Latest Posts and News

Save for College or Pay Down Student Debt? Here’s What You Need to Know

  Americans are facing a crisis of college costs and coupled with the financial struggles brought upon by the pandemic, families with student loan debt are more impacted than ever by this burden. Knowing that the cost of college is rising on average ...

Infographic: Paying for College - Americans Feel the Strain

The Gift of College ‘2020 Paying for College Survey’ gives a clear-eyed perspective on the student debt crisis that is weighing down Americans of all ages.   The data is resounding: student loans are causing emotional distress and interfering with ...