Boost Your 529 Savings

Looking For Ways To Boost Your 529 Savings? Prioritize saving for college by treating your savings account like a bill that needs to be paid regularly. Set up automatic payroll deductions at work, or automate a fixed contribution from your checking or savings account. Deposit lump sums ...

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Parents Go for 529 Gift Cards and Online Tools for Easier College Giving

Washington, DC – This holiday season, American families are embracing the gift of college savings using technology, gift cards and social media platforms. 92% of parents surveyed by the College Savings Foundation* said that these approaches – including 529 gift cards, gift certificates, gift regist...

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The Truth About 529 Plans

In honor of 529 College Savings Day, Gift of College answers parents' most common questions and concerns about 529 accounts. When should we start saving for college? Children are 7x more likely to go to college just by knowing there is a savings plan. Starting to save as early as poss...

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