Trade Unwanted Gift Cards For College Cash

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Christmas gifts are opened and once again, you have a fistful of gift cards. 

Gift cards are a popular present at the holidays — the National Retail Federation says more than half of consumers plan to give one this year.

But they aren't always wanted — research organization CEB TowerGroup estimates that $1 billion of the $130 billion spent on gift cards last year went unused.

So, if you got a gift card that is going to sit untouched, what should you do?  First decide which cards you should keep and which to cash in.  

Do you have a mountain of student loan debt?  Or do you want to either kick-start or make a contribution to your 529 college savings plan?  

Well now you can using Gift of College - Card Cash! makes it easy for you to turn unwanted gift cards into funds that can be deposited directly to any 529 college savings plan or student loan account. 

The Gift of College gift card exchange program will accept over 200 merchants and it is easy to get an instant offer before deciding to go ahead with the exchange. A new Gift of College eGift Card will be delivered via email within one business day of placing an order.

There is no better way to fast track your student loan payoff or superfund your 529 college savings plan this holiday season. 





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