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5 College Winter Break Survival Hacks

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Your first semester of the college year is coming to an end and the winter break is looming. You may have several blissful weeks of freedom stretching before you. But, however long your break, it is sure to fly by quicker than you ever thought possible. 

Make the most out of your winter break and get ready for the spring semester with these survival hacks:

Indulge in Home Comforts
There’s nothing like home cooked food and a little pampering from your parents. Make the most of these comforts while you’re at home. Have a nice long bath without housemates clamoring at the door because you’re beyond your allotted ten minutes. Wash and dry your laundry without making a trip to the laundromat. And cook up a storm in a kitchen that you don’t have to share with so many people. You could even make and freeze some meals to take back to college with you so you’re getting nutritious, home cooked food for the start of the spring semester. 

Get a Job
Around the festive season, plenty of businesses are looking for a little extra support. If your term time schedule makes it difficult to work and study but you could do with a little extra cash, go on a job hunt before the start of winter break. Cafés, restaurants and stores are a great place to look as they are all likely to take on staff for the winter rush. You can return to college in the new semester feeling a bit richer and more able to treat yourself every now and then. 

Catch Up With Friends
Before you know it you’re heading back to campus and you did not even get chance to catch up with your best old school friends. A little advance planning will ensure you see all of your nearest and dearest. To the end of the fall semester, get in touch with friends and compare winter break plans. If you and your bestie are both going on vacation, there may only be a few days when you’re both available. Put those days in your diary and keep them free to spend some quality time with your friends back home. 

Prepare for Next Semester
While winter break should give you opportunity for relaxation and fun times, you should also look ahead to the new term at college. A little preparation can go a long way to making your spring semester less stressful. Reading a few key texts or doing a little research can save you time next semester and increase your chances of maintaining that all-important work life balance. 

It’s important that you head into the spring semester reenergize. You need to recharge your batteries after a busy first term of projects, assignments and deadlines. As a result, plan plenty of relaxation time into your winter break. You could head off on vacation. There’s nothing better than skiing or snowboarding at this time of year. But if your budget won’t stretch to fun on the slopes, stay closer to home and enjoy crisp winter walks, read something for pleasure or just indulge in a Netflix marathon with friends – whatever you need to do to give your brain and body a rest. 

Soon winter will be over and you’ll be enjoying spring on campus. Warmer weather, more fun and more work await. So be sure to make the most of your time during winter break. Whether you choose to work, travel or kick back and relax to the max, a little forward planning will help you to achieve it all. 

About our guest blogger: Savannah is an experienced traveler and photographer who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working at SnowPak.com, she’s on the slopes in the US or Europe. She’s also keen on yoga and fitness.


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