15 Industry Experts Give Power Grad Advice on the Money

Friday, March 3, 2017

Graduation day's coming. Gone are the days when we saved money on college, looked for scholarships, and taught money management and habits to our kids. They need another kind of advice now – which would help to set foot on the workspace and not fail.

And while some influencers are struggling to write commencement speeches for the class 2017, most career coaches and industry experts have said their words already.

Where should new grads start? How do they know which steps to take first after college, when you, parents, aren't responsible for grown-up kids' choices anymore?

Here come the best advice from 15 industry experts for you to share with your grad. They all work in different fields, but their lessons are right on the money to remember.

 That's what they say.

  • Sam Reich, Head of Video at College Humor (pictured above):

"Do what you love to do, a lot, for free, until you get great at it. Get any job you can somewhere you'd like to work — no matter how stupid it seems at the time. Murph, who is one of our writer-cast members, started as CollegeHumor's front desk guy!"

"Take the hardest job you can find in a city where there are lots of smart people. Statistically, you will have changed jobs in less than two years. Maybe even fields. You want your first job to open even more doors than were open upon graduation."

"Use the job search engines to find jobs by using keywords that match your interests and the location where you want to work. Narrowing your search criteria will help you focus on your job search and will give you more relevant job listings to review and less non-relevant job listings to weed through."

"Aim for experiences that will challenge you beyond your comfort zone."

"Work hard. Be nice. Those two things in combination are much rarer than you think."

"Money will get your basic needs met, but it will not make you feel whole and live."

"Look for people who can inspire you instead of managing you."

"Don't wait for the opportunity to arise – focus on gaining different skills and experience while in college. Options are many (for example, I started as a paper writer), so consider a part-time job, online courses, educational apps, etc. to build transferable skills. Learn and practice as much as you can. "

"Changing careers can be a tantalizing idea, but putting a plan into action can be intimidating. But with a fresh perspective, a lot of hard work, and commitment to your dreams, it’s not impossible. You owe it to yourself to find the work you love."

"If you are no longer inspired by the work you do, your environment and those around you, it may be time to go. Pursuing your work objectives with energy, enthusiasm, and drive is key to high performance. When you’ve lost motivation for the things you once enjoyed, it is usually a sign that you need a fresh start."

"Your network will become increasingly important as you progress in your career. Once you build a reputation and build the right contacts, then you'll never have to apply for a job again — opportunities will come to you."

"There has never been an easier time to start a business. There are so many free online tools. Just start, and if you fail you can always go and get a normal job, but you will learn so much along the way it will be a great experience."

"If you want to do your own startup, you don't need a job to get experience first. You will learn faster doing your own thing than working at some entry-level job."

"Focus on finding roles where you can learn, grow, and develop most."

"Be interesting. When you sit in that interview, don’t assume that the lines you can write on your resume will be enough to get your foot in the door to the job of your dreams. We’re going to spend long hours, five days a week working together. I don’t want to work with someone who is narrow and boring."

Now you have the expert advice to share with graduates and get them ready for action. Together with your words of encouragement, these tips can inspire yesterday's students and motivate them to a successful career start.

About our guest blogger: Mike Hanski, who writes for various online publications and occasionally shares lit links on twitter.


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