The Unconventional Guide to Combining Work and Studying

Thursday, August 3, 2017


One of the most frequent questions asked by learners especially those who take distance learning education is, “Will I manage to handle my studies and work at the same time?” It is possible to find a balance between the two and be successful.

Whether you’re a new student or taking your MBA, there is a time you may find yourself combining work and study, and that choice will greatly influence your future. Combining study and work can be a daunting task and some may opt to seek assignment help if they get stuck in their studies. But if you find yourself in a situation where you need tuition fees then you may be forced to seek jobs without taking the time to understand how this choice may affect their school work. But, this decision should be taken seriously.

So, if you find yourself in a fix on what to do to be able to combine study and work without exhausting yourself, here are useful tips to consider. 

Choose a study subject that interests you 

If you want to stay motivated throughout your degree program, it’s important to choose a study that you are passionate about or one that interests you. If you like what you’re studying, it’s very likely that you will make time to study.

So, choose courses that you hold a real interest in so that the learning process will be enjoyable. This ensures you remain motivated and you get enough time to study.

Organize a study schedule

If you choose to do a distance learning degree, then you need to be organized. Having a study schedule is the most important thing to have when you combine study and work. It helps to break down your study sessions into small periods, taking into consideration any deadlines. Then allocate enough time to cover all the important topics in your course. Each schedule should also contain specific study times and target goals you intend to achieve at the end of it all. Don’t forget to include some recreation time, to refresh and absorb what you’ve learned.

Learn how to prioritize

When you decide to work and study at the same time, it may be impossible to fit in everything you want at once. So, create a list of all the things you’ve to do such as study, finish a project, cook lunch etc. and categorize them depending on urgency. This will help you finish the important ones before moving on to those that aren’t urgent. Note that there might be some disruption in your schedule and this should not make you feel burned out as long as these “time outs” are not too frequent or too long.

Seek help from friends, family or employer

A combination of study, work, and several other chores may be a lot to cope with. It’s hard to cram and store a lot of things at once in a single day. So, getting help from family and friends is always a good idea. If they can help with cooking, washing, and cleaning, you will have more time to accomplish the important task. It’s also important that your friends and loved ones recognize and offer their support in the commitment you’re making to succeed in school. This will ensure you remain motivated to push on.

Avoid taking on too much

If you decide to study and work at the same time, don’t take on too much. It will just drain you out and you will feel frustrated. Instead, focus your attention on achieving the most important things. If you find it hard saying no to some requests, you need to learn how to do so. Remember, you already have a lot to handle and adding more will just overwhelm your efforts. At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel tired and lack the motivation to continue with either one of them.

Combining studies with work is a difficult move but it’s rewarding. But, when you pass your course and succeed in your job, you will feel awesome and proud of your achievement. Of course, you will have foregone the luxury of watching TV, partying or sleeping, but it will be worth the sacrifice. Use these tips and strike a balance between study and work.

About our guest blogger:  Mia Stokes is a young author writing mainly for students. She also helps students with their assignments, papers and essays at Assignment Helpers.



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