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The Myriad of Benefits that Higher Education Provides

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Will you go to college?

That’s the most common question that high-school students get. Before they even graduate from high school, they have to make the big decision and they have to be absolutely confident in their choice. 

The pressure is huge and it’s not easy to handle. 

On one side, you have life without college. You’ll have freedom as soon as you graduate. You’ll be able to travel (if you have enough money), and get a job that allows you to become independent right away. That’s great. 

But on the long term, your choice to avoid higher education may not be beneficial. You won’t be able to make much progress on career level, unless you start your own business and you’re one of the lucky ones who are successful. 

College, on the other hand, demands great dedication. Most of all, it requires an immense financial investment. But higher education also gives you great advantages. Are those benefits good enough to justify the investment?

Let’s list the 5 most important advantages that higher education gives you:

1. College Prepares You for the Type of Career You Want

When you have no idea what you want in your life, college won’t solve that issue for you. Sure; the different courses you take might give you an idea and direction for your future career. But if you’re insecure, it would be best to take a year off, try few online courses and figure out how you see yourself in future. But if you already have a vision for your professional future, higher education can certainly help. Even if the profession you aspire towards is not necessarily related to a degree, relevant education will make you better at it. 

Did you know that Natalie Portman earned a psychology degree from Harvard? Maybe she will never work as a psychologist, but this type of education helped her take the characters she plays on a whole other level.

Valeria Ford, a writer for
Careers Booster, has a similar experience to share: “You don’t need a degree to become a writer. You don’t have to know much about the history of literature and different stylistic forms. Or do you? I can speak for myself - the talent was there, but it was education that gave it direction.”

College prepares you to be better at any career. That’s a fact.

2. A Degree Gives You a Chance for a Higher Salary

The average annual income of people with BA degrees in 2015 was $48,500. Diploma holders, on the other hand, earned an average of $23,900.
Of course; this doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. A small-business owner with a degree may earn just as much as the one without a degree. But keep in mind that the degree gives you a chance to get a better-paying position if you intend to work for someone else.

When you translate that difference to a lifetime, it means you’ll boost your chances to live more comfortably if you get this degree. Yes; you’ll invest money in it, but you’ll be able to return it once you get a good job.
3. You Contribute towards a Better Society

The educational system is a huge source of economic growth and stability for the entire society. Countries with well-developed educational systems, such as Sweden for example, thrive. That’s because high-quality education strengthens the national economic competitiveness. 

An educated community is also a more united and socially-aware community. Holders of BA degrees are less likely to rely on programs for public assistance, and they are more likely to contribute towards higher health insurance and pension contributions. 

4. College Education Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle 

All those college parties will make you healthier?

Well the parties won’t make you healthier, but being responsible for yourself will. 

Research showed that high-school graduates smoke more than college graduates. The gap between the smoking rates increased from 2 percentage points in 1962 to 17% in 2012.
The same study showed that college-educated adults were less likely to be obese when compared to those who didn’t walk the higher education road.

This doesn’t have to be your case. But college does something with your decision-making process. You become responsible for your own actions and your own health. You’re being exposed to stress that you simply have to manage, and a healthy lifestyle is usually the solution. 

5. You Gain Great Foundation for Becoming an EntrepreneurIt’s the digital age. 

You may start your online business today and no one will ask for a degree. Your business doesn’t even have to be online-based. You may opt for a traditional company with offices.
So why would you spend all that time and money on education?

There’s a simple answer to that question: college gets you into the mindset of an entrepreneur. When you take the right courses, you’ll learn everything about accounting, marketing, taxes, and regulations you need to follow. Most of all, you’ll learn how to be a good leader.

The Choice Is Yours

Each case is individual. Maybe a college degree will do wonders for you and maybe it won’t. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can only benefit from more education. Even if you decide not to go to college, you must still keep learning if you want a bright future for yourself.

About our guest blogger:  Eugene is an Australian-based blogger for 
Careers Booster, who is into stand-up comedy. His favorite comedians are Louis CK and George Carlin. A good morning laugh is what keeps Eugene upbeat and motivated through the harsh day.


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