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Gift of College Gift Cards land in 3000+ Retail Stores in time for Holiday Shopping

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Gift of College, Inc. (GiftofCollege.com), the country’s fastest growing college savings gifting platform, announced the launch of its Gift of College gift cards at select retail stores.  Just in time for holiday shopping and available year-round thereafter, shoppers will be able to purchase a sure-to-be welcomed gift toward a brighter financial future. Each Gift of College gift card can be used by recipients to fund a new or existing 529 college savings or ABLE account or to pay down student loan debt.

  • With U.S. consumers estimated to spend over $465 billion this holiday season, purchasing a gift of financial wellness provides a smart alternative to traditional gifts and provides lasting impact.  
  • With nearly 70% of families unfamiliar with 529 plans, GiftofCollege gift cards help both purchasers and recipients learn about these plans and begin the process of saving through them.  
  • Designed to cover costs associated with attending a wide range of trade schools as well as colleges and universities, a 529 plan contribution through GiftofCollege is a gift sure to fit. 
  • The ability to use GiftofCollege gift cards to pay down student loan debt, currently at $1.5 trillion nationally, makes it an attractive gift for those struggling to repay.
“Attending college should not be a privilege but an opportunity for everyone,” said Wayne Weber, CEO, Gift of College. “Having GiftofCollege at retailers like Target brings awareness to millions of individuals that there is a way to save for college and friends, family, and employers can help make it a reality.”
You can purchase Gift of College gift cards at over 3000 retail locations nationwide, including select Target, Barnes & Noble, H-E-B, Brookshire Brothers, Fred's stores and Save Mart, Foodmaxx and Lucky Supermarkets.  
Check out our BUY IN-STORE LOCATOR to find a retailer near you.

Buy In Store Gift Card Price Points Available

Barnes & Noble:   $25-$200
Brookshire’s:         $25-$500
Fred's:                    $25-$500
Foodmaxx:            $25-$500
H-E-B:                     $25-$500
Lucky:                     $25-$500
Save Mart:             $25-$500
Target:                    $50 and $100

About Gift of College
GiftofCollege.com is a college savings gift registry that enables friends, family and employers to contribute funds into any 529 college savings or ABLE plan and/or any student loan account easily using a debit/credit card, a GiftofCollege gift card or via payroll deduction. GiftofCollege includes a social savings platform where members can share educational goals, making saving for college, simple, fun, and top-of-mind.


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