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These Core Skills Prepare Every Student for the World of Work

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

After college, most graduates dive right into the job application and interview process in the hopes of getting the job of their dreams. However, a survey has found that a majority of college graduates aren’t equipped to join the workforce. ​The research suggested that more than half of graduates enter the workforce feeling ill-prepared for the challenges ahead.

​But other than the skills that a person needs to excel in the workforce, young people should also learn basic life skills that will enable them to prepare for the real world. Learning practical skills will ensure success not just in your professional life, but it will also have a positive impact on your finances, relationships, and overall health. Here are the skills that students should have before entering the workforce.

Financial skills
Entering the workforce often begins with learning how to create a dynamic and modern resume and knowing all there is to know about getting a job interview. But did you know that mastering essential financial skills is also important to succeed after graduation? Learning how to make a budget and stick to it, how to use a credit card responsibly, handle a personal checking account, and purchase or return products are all helpful for setting you up for financial success. Moreover, being financially responsible right from the beginning can open up opportunities for you as a majority of job employers do credit checks on candidates before hiring. The better your credit and financial history are, the better your chances of getting hired or promoted.

Time management skills
If you’re used to cramming for an exam after a night of partying, you will need to make certain lifestyle changes to be able to cope with the demands of work once you get a job. If you tend to procrastinate or are always late, you may be setting yourself up for stress or even failure. Keep in mind that punctuality and attendance is one of the things that many organizations require in an employee, so you’ll need to save your social activities for the weekend.

You may also want to use your time wisely when you have tasks that you need to complete, so this means not wasting your time on social media or online video sites and doing something productive instead. Managing your time well also means being able to balance your work and personal life, which is something that many people are unable to do. Once you master work-life balance, you’ll feel more fulfilled, happier, and experience less stress in all aspects of your life.

Life management skills   
After college, young people should be able to perform basic life management skills to save money and to be independent. Making simple meals, washing and ironing clothes, making doctor’s appointments, and dealing with emergencies are all part of a typical adult’s everyday life. Knowing these skills is crucial especially if you’re going to work in another state or city that’s far away from home.  

Getting ready for the real world goes beyond knowing how to do a particular job—it also means being equipped to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Students should take the time to learn these skills while they’re in college to guarantee future success in all aspects of life.


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