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Travel Ideas That Will Allow You to Free Your Mind After Graduation Without Breaking The Bank

Friday, June 1, 2018

Congratulations! After years of dedicating your time to school work, student organizations, part-time jobs and internship programs, you’re finally free. This feeling is new, exciting and a little bit daunting. Who knows what the next chapter has in store?

Before you put pressure on yourself to get everything figured out, it would be worthwhile to give yourself a break and a chance to free your mind of graduation stress. When you do finally get your first big kid job, you want to go in with a rested mind. There’s no better way to ensure your own success.

Luckily, traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. As a recent college grad you’re probably just as low on funds as you are on energy. Here are a few suggestions for trips you can take and ways you can save money while still having the rest and relaxation you need most.

Road Trip
There’s nothing quite like packing up your car and hitting the road in the summertime. Going on a road trip will give you the opportunity to have a variety of new experiences without the high cost of airfare. This is the most flexible form of traveling, and there are plenty of opportunities to save when choosing this method of travel.

Let pictures be your souvenirs: Just because you’re making 20 pitstops doesn’t mean you have to buy a shot glass or a snowglobe everywhere you go. Pictures will convey a better message about your trip for years to come and they’re free.
Invite friends: Traveling is always more fun with friends, anyway. Loading up your car to its maximum capacity will provide you with someone who can split the cost of gas and hotel rooms with you.

Reach out: Don’t be afraid to contact friends, family and acquaintances to ask if you can stay on their couch for a night along the way. Return the favor next time they’re in your town or when you’ve finally settled down with a well-paying job. The next best option would be to utilize a platform like Couchsurfing or Airbnb.

Beach Week
When you think “relaxation”, does the beach come to mind? If so, you’re like most people who associate being near water with the feeling of serenity. There’s probably nothing you need more than the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun and the company of friends. If you decide to embark on this journey, plan to save in the following ways.

Split the cost: The more friends you invite to your beach house, the more ways you can split the cost. This means packing up air mattresses, sleeping bags and blankets to ensure that no one is breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to relive your childhood sleepover days.

Hit the grocery store: Vacationing doesn’t mean you have to eat out three times a day every day. When you arrive, make a trip to the grocery store with the group giving everyone a chance to pick up snacks and ingredients for big group meals. The easiest meal to check off your list is breakfast. Grab a couple boxes of oatmeal or cereal and milk and call it good.
Bring free entertainment: Bored people tend to spend more money. Avoid being bored by bringing games to play such as cards and board games as well as books to read to entertain you in down-time. Download group apps on your phones or tablets that everyone can partake in.

Hiking Adventure
There’s no better way to ground yourself than spending time in nature. Taking in the sights, sounds and smells away from your college campus will put things into perspective and put you at ease before your post graduation responsibilities settle in.
Borrowing or renting your gear is the best way to save. Chances are you have a friend with some hiking and camping gear who wouldn’t mind lending it to you for the week. There are also plenty of places that you can rent from without having to worry about investing the big bucks.

Visit a Longtime Friend
Who’s someone you’ve been meaning to visit? Now that you’re free from the crazy and unpredictable schedule of a student, you can finally make it happen. No excuses!

The most expensive part of your travels is likely the amount of money you spend on lodging. Whether your friend has a cabin in the woods or an apartment in the city, take them up on their offer to house you for a few days and enjoy the experience of something new. Explore their city like a local and take in a bite of new culture.

It’s funny how a little adjustment to your everyday scenery can make you feel like you’re a million miles away. Pick out an AirBnB or hotel somewhere nearby, giving you the chance to invest in high-quality lodging without spending on gas or plane tickets. Find state parks, museums, or attractions in your city that you’ve never done. Cross them off your list! Put yourself in the mindset of a tourist of your own city.

The gap between college and the working world is an important time in your life. It’s one of few transitions where you will feel both relieved and stressed due to what you’re leaving behind and what’s to come. The sooner you free your mind the sooner you will feel prepared for all that’s in store and the bright future ahead!

About the author:  Haley Kieser graduated from the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota with a B.A. in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Studies. She loves reading and writing. Even more, she loves spending time exploring the outdoors! Connect with her on Instagram.


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