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Gift of College Joins March Forth in Addressing Student Debt

Monday, March 4, 2019

(Phoenix, March 4, 2019) – Gift of College, Inc. (GiftofCollege.com) is joining a national effort to take on the student debt problem in a national campaign launching March 4. The aim of the campaign, led by the 529 College Savings Plans Network, is to limit college debt for new generations by helping families plan ahead for higher education costs with the help of 529 college savings plans.

“More than 44 million Americans have student debt that eats away at paychecks, limits opportunities and leads them to put off buying homes and having children,” said 529 Campaign Chairman Young Boozer III. “On March 4 we start our march forth, joining together to set our kids and grandkids on a better path with 529s.” 

The 27-state alliance, which includes Washington D.C., involves 46 partners, including state treasurers, higher education agencies, financial service firms, and service providers such as Gift of College. The public-private partnership was formed on the basis of increasing awareness of 529s, the state-led college savings plans designed to help families save for higher education and lessen reliance on student loans. 

According to a poll conducted by the group last month, 68 percent of Americans have never heard of the state-led college savings plans. 

“Raising awareness about 529 plans is a key element of the Gift of College mission,” says Wayne Weber, CEO. “And enabling friends, family and employers to get engaged by contributing to these plans can go a long way in getting students to and through many forms of higher education.”    

The movement’s 529 message will be amplified throughout 2019 and into 2020 under an agreement with Fred Rogers Productions, the company founded by Mister Rogers, the beloved advocate of children’s education. The campaign’s spots will air before and after episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The series is one of the highest co-viewed children’s shows between parents and young children and is based on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.


529 College Savings Plans are state-offered, tax-advantaged investment plans that help families save for higher education and lessen the reliance on student loans. Savings grow free from federal and state income tax, and withdrawals remain tax-free when they are used for qualified education-related expenses at any accredited higher education institution in the country, including four-year universities, community colleges, and technical and vocational schools. Though the details of each state’s plans vary, a 529 account can be opened with as little as $10.


GiftofCollege.com is a college savings gift registry whose members can create a shareable profile to enable friends, family or employers to contribute toward any 529 college savings or ABLE account and/or any student loan account.  Gift givers can contribute using a credit/debit card in one of three ways: directly via a link provided by the recipient or by searching the giftofcollege.com registry; by purchasing an electronic or physical gift card online, or by buying a Gift of College gift card at select retailers nationwide.  Gift of College also provides the ability for employers to offer Gift of College gift cards as a benefit to their employees for contributions toward college savings, ABLE, or student loan accounts or to use the Gift of College platform to facilitate payroll deductions.

Media Contact: 
Nadine Perry, Director of Marketing 
Nadine@GiftofCollege.com, 818.835.7813 


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