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Make it Easy for your Employees to Save for or Pay Down College Costs 


Gift of College helps employees address one of their most critical concerns: paying for higher education. Our easy to use platform helps employees get started and stay on track!

529 Plan / Student Loan Payroll Deduction

Gift of College At-Work makes it easy for your employees to fund their college savings plans or pay down their student loans by leveraging our technology for automated payroll deduction..

A Plus (A+) for Employers

Your employees appreciate the value of higher education and they also appreciate the cost. Not a week goes by without a news story about the rising costs of higher education and the $1.5 trillion in educational debt with which families are struggling. Planning ahead for college expenses helps alleviate reliance on loans – yet over 70% of families are not familiar with how to save. As an employer, providing valuable information on savings options and a convenient, systematic way to save for college (or to pay off student loan debt) is a priceless, low-cost addition to your voluntary benefit line-up with a high ROI.

A simple tool like Gift of College can go a long way in relieving employee stress and improving financial wellness.

  • Best of all, you don’t need to decide which 529 plan to offer.
  • Gift of College enables employees to contribute to ANY state's 529 college savings plan and ANY student loan account.
  • The decision is theirs, not yours.
  • More savings and less debt = peace of mind and better outcomes for your employees and you!
Value to Employers

  • Provides valuable information about the availability and usefulness of college savings plans.
  • A voluntary benefit to attract and retain talent.
  • A low-cost way to address personal finance issues that weigh heavily on employees’ minds.
  • For times when special recognition is in order, give a Gift of College gift card.
  • Socially responsible in helping to improve financial well- being and reduce educational debt load