About Us

The average college graduate earns $1 million more in lifetime earnings in comparison to workers with a high school diploma. In order to realize this American dream, it has never been more important for young people to attend college. However, the price for attaining a college degree is steep and it’s never been more necessary for families to start saving for their loved one’s college education.

In 2008, GiftofCollege.com was born when CEO and Founder, Wayne Weber discovered just how complicated it can be to donate to a college savings account. According to Wayne, the initial goal was to “simply streamline the process and design a social savings platform that made it easier than ever for friends and relatives to help over-burdened parents save for a child’s college education.”

Wayne developed GiftofCollege.com with the aim of establishing the company as the leading gifting platform for college savings contributions and student loan payments.

In November, 2016 the Gift of College™ physical gift card, a first-of-its-kind, launched at retailers nationwide. The gift card program is a welcome financial solution for families as it provides a trusted savings plan for higher education. It gives them an effective way to fund college with less reliance on financial aid and eases the long-term burden of repaying student loan debt.

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