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Gift of College® gift cards can be purchased at over 3000 retail store locations including Target, H-E-B, Fred's, Save Mart, Brookshire Brothers, Lucky Supermarkets and FoodMaxx. To find the closest store to you, use our Store Locator .

Purchase a Gift of College® Gift Cards Online

Purchase a Gift Of College® gift card online by completing the form below. You may choose to have a physical card delivered to you if you have time, or get an instant link sent to you via text or email. Gift card denominations range from $25 to $200. Convenience and delivery charges may apply. There is no expiration date for redeeming the funds.

Digital Gift Card Delivery Schedule
Digital gift cards can be delivered as early as the next day. For future delivery options, click on "Date to Send" and select a date.

Physical Gift Card Shipping Schedule
$1.95 USPS First Class Mail (9-12 days and includes processing time)
$9.95 USPS Express Mail (3 days and includes processing time)
Orders will not be shipped out on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

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