Redeem Your Gift of College Gift Cards

Saving for your child’s higher education will help ensure they have a bright future - children who expect to graduate from a four-year college and have a college savings account are approximately six times more likely to attend college than those with no account. Redeem your Gift of College gift card to help build their savings.

Have unwanted gift cards? Exchange them for a Gift of College gift card here.

  • The College Dream Is Reality
    Congratulations! Your gift card has brought the college dream one step closer to reality.
    To redeem it, log into your account, select My Profile and click on the Redeem Gift Card
    button. You can also redeem gift cards into any account by searching for the user profile
    in our search by name and clicking on the Redeem Gift Card button.
    1. Register your child with Gift of College
    Your Gift of College account is free and allows family and friends to make college savings contributions.
    2. Link your 529 or student loan to your account.
    Don't have a 529 savings account yet? Now is the perfect time to start. See our featured partners below.
    3. Redeem your gift card.
    Your gift card is real money. Once your savings account is linked,
    you can enter your gift card information through your profile.

Our Featured Partners

If you currently don’t have a 529 Savings account, please consider one of our Gift of College featured partners.

2 Simple ways to Register Your Child

If you are new to the college savings process, gift cards can be redeemed for initial funding into a new college savings account. Many plans can be opened with a $25 minimum investment. Don’t have a college savings account? Visit our ways to save page.