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Study Motivation – Things Successful People Teach Us

Monday, October 9, 2017

Success does not come overnight. If you want to be successful, you must earn your success. While many will tell you that success is predictable, you will probably agree that no one expected that the dropout Bill Gates would turn his dream into a billion-worth company called Microsoft, or that Oprah, after a difficult childhood would turn into the 'first lady of talk shows'.

These are just two examples of how you can fight off obscurity and reach prosperity. All you should do is set a discipline for learning, implement this learning into your life, and turn your dreams into reality.

Rise Early in the Morning

Did you know that Apple's CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 in the morning, every single day? For most people, this is the time when they go to bed. For this person, it is the time to write e-mails, do his morning routine and basically, get the energy he needs for the day that follows.

And it's not only him that gets up early in the morning. Every successful person has set a healthy routine that allows them to follow that success and make it even bigger. New York Magazine published that the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and takes a six-mile jog.

The lesson here is obvious – if you want to achieve more, start your day right.

Read and Read Some More

Some of the most successful people decided to share their reading habits with the world. Why is this? Because they believe reading is one of the factors to becoming as successful as they are, being also one of the best ways to learn new things.

Daily readers are the best accomplishers. Bill Gates reads 50 books every year, and Oprah Winfrey calls her reading the 'personal path to freedom'.

Books give you insight and new perspective, they prepare you for the things to come, and advice you on how to proceed with your tasks. When you do not know something, you turn to the written word. This is what keeps the mind motivated, fresh and most importantly, smart.


Every great achiever will tell you that to get to your desired future, you need to visualize it. And this does not only apply to the final goal. ''If you want to get to the end of the road, you need to visualize every step of the way. Otherwise, you will not even feel like you fulfilled your goals at the end.'' – says Pam Keeth, a content writer at Bestdissertation.

If you do not follow your passion and intuition, you cannot achieve more. You will get stuck going to work in the morning, doing the job you were assigned and not a thing more than this, and get back home the minute your shift ends. Basically, you will do nothing different than the ordinary people, and nothing like the successful ones.

JC Penny, the founder of JC Penney Inc. says: '' Unless you are willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top.” So, step out of your comfort zone and be brave enough to follow your dream. If you do not take a risk, you cannot expect anything to change, can you?

Take the advice from Steve Jobs, the famous founder of Apple: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Plan and Evaluate Your Days

When you go to bed, start planning and evaluating your days. You are evaluating the day that just passed, and plan for the day that is about to come. If you take the time to figure out what you did right and wrong, you can plan a better action plan for the following morning. This is a kind of a revelation process that you should do before going to sleep.

As Alexander Bell said: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.''. Yes, you may be lucky along the way and get some success out of nowhere, but if you do not start planning your time, you will never maintain the success you did not plan in the first place.

If you have a good idea, you will have a much higher chance of making it happen if you plan it ahead. Abraham Lincoln actually says: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.''

While the average person is partying, and eating junk food in front of the TV, spend a couple of minutes every night to plan your following actions. When you start doing this, you will see that success is more predictive than you originally thought!

Live Healthy

If you research a bit, you will learn that there isn't a single highly successful person who does not try to live a healthy life. All the people who managed to become and remain successful put their health in the first place. Starting with a healthy morning routine to regular exercise, you must be healthy to be successful.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook co-founder, works out at least three times every week, while Barrack Obama exercises 40 minutes every day. They also eat healthy food and take care of both their physical and mental health. If you wish to be as successful as the people in this article, you should probably start with the same routines right away!

In conclusion, success is achievable for everyone if they have a realistic goal and the persistence and skills to reach it. Learning from people who have been on the road is the best way to avoid all those traps and gaps along the way, but the rest remains up to you. If you do not quit and keep trying to pursue your dreams, you may soon become a part of a list just like this one!

About our guest blogger: Justin is a teacher from Leicester, UK. When not teaching his little students and rooting for Leicester FC, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.


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