Trick Out My Dorm

Moving out to college is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. You're off on your own, no longer under mom and dad's roof and you're about to spend your first night on campus. You're beginning a new chapter in your life and you've just stepped foot in your first dorm room. Now what? Now's ...

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Study Motivation – Things Successful People Teach Us

Success does not come overnight. If you want to be successful, you must earn your success. While many will tell you that success is predictable, you will probably agree that no one expected that the dropout Bill Gates would turn his dream into a billion-worth company called Microsoft, or that Oprah,...

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College Planning Begins the Summer After 8th Grade Graduation

Did you know that high school officially begins as soon as a student graduates from 8th grade? Anything they do after that day can be included on their high school resume for college and scholarship applications. Therefore, the summer before freshman year is the perfect time to start planning for co...

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