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How to Make College as Inexpensive as Possible

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Abstract: College education is of paramount importance for the youth of today.

According to Nikita Loomis, a well-known writer at Coursework Club says:

‘It is vital to try and make it as inexpensive as possible.’

College is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. In today’s competitive world, it can be something that makes all the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful life. But getting a good college education nowadays has become quite difficult. The problem of ‘student loan debt’ is all too prevalent in the modern society. In this article we will try to find a solution to this predicament and try to come up with ways to make college as inexpensive as possible.

Take classes that give college credit

First of all high school students should try and take classes that give college credit. These may be elective ones and you may probably have to pay a small fee too. But trust me I have done the calculations and it is far lesser than what you would have to pay for in community college.

Why not Community college?

For all the basic subjects it is always a good option to go for a community college. This way you can learn all these basic subjects in a much cheaper way than in a university. Most people don’t want to go for this option because of the stigma attached with community college. But remember there are allied advantages to community college apart from the lesser fees. For example, you can keep your basic job, live in with your parents or save money due to shorter commutes. This way you can keep your expenses low and at the same time increase your income through the basic job that you get to keep.

Go for maximum classes per semester

Another way you can help your financial situation is by taking as much credits as possible in a semester. Granted this may not be for everyone, but for those of you who are quick learners, it is a great way to try and graduate early. You may be able to graduate a whole semester early. Though, there is a downside to it. If you are going to be taking extra load academically, you may have to quit your job. But then again there are people who manage to keep their job also. Try and take classes during the winter and summer breaks also. Seeing the rising tuition fees every year it is always better to complete your education as quickly as possible.

Miscellaneous ways to save extra

There are other ways to save also. Individually these may not seem much but once they accumulate together, trust me they count. One of these is to rent textbooks instead of going for new ones. And if they aren’t available on rent, you can always look for used books to buy. You will be doing your pocket a favour and also saving some trees and helping out nature indirectly. Meanwhile try and sell out your old books of the previous semester also. Who knows, there might be others looking to save some money like yourself. Secondly, try and find a college close to your home. I know it is always very enticing if you get selected to more than one college; to go for one that is further away from your parent’s home. Especially if you are not on good terms with them like most teenagers aren’t nowadays. But if you make a little effort you will find that this can help out immensely in your overall expenses.


College education is a must for anyone trying to succeed in life nowadays. Even if you are not planning on a job and are planning to become an entrepreneur, college still has a lot to teach. The cheaper you can make it, the better it is.

Author’s Bio: The name of the author is Clinton Loomis. He is freelance writer and contributes mostly on money matters via various online blogs.     


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