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5 Smartphone Apps That Will Keep Your Children Engaged and Educated during the Summer

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Summer is here, and while it is generally a time for your children to just relax and have fun, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if they could keep learning even while on vacation. That is, of course, easier said than done, but learning during summer is actually possible.

Perhaps in a bit of irony, your children’s smartphones might actually be the key. Although, you will have to make sure that your kids are using their smartphones responsibly. This is half the battle, and once you “win” it, you can then introduce to your children various educational apps that can help them learn even while school is out. Five of these apps are listed below.

Vocabulary Spelling City (Android and iOS)

You can help your children enhance their word power through this Family Education-recommended app. It gamifies the learning of vocabulary and spelling, which makes the process fun and interactive. You can even make word lists and upload them to the Vocabulary Spelling City's website for your children to use later.

NASA Visualization Explorer (iOS)

NASA Visualization Explorer, or simply NASA Viz, is one of the coolest ways to explore the mysteries of the galaxy. This app features the latest news and stories about our planet, the sun, and the cosmos as well as stunning images and videos from space. Your children will also be able to better understand concepts about the universe through in-depth yet easy to understand animations.

Habitat the Game (Android and iOS)

This app teaches children to care for the environment by “adopting” a virtual polar bear, whose health will depend on completing real-world actions like turning off the lights and conserving water. If your kid can do the required tasks, the polar bear will be healthy; otherwise, it will be weak and sickly.

Memrise (Android iOS)

Digital Trends points out that learning another language can be tough, but Memrise can make the process a bit easier and more fun. It gamifies language learning, and even allows the user to choose the language. A subscription is necessary to access all the cool features, but it is definitely worth it!

3D Brain

The brain is arguably the most interesting part of the human body, and this interactive app gives kids a 3D look at it. It features 29 interactive structures, each with an explanation about its functions and the disorders that affect the organ.

Now that you have the tools, remember to stay on top of things as a parent. Monitor all the apps being downloaded by your children as they can pose risks, especially to your kids’ privacy.  Maryville University identified one rule of thumb for app safety: if it is asking to access unnecessary data, it is most likely selling that data to third-party analytics companies like Cambridge Analytica. The British political consulting firm was involved in a data breach controversy in which it purportedly used personal information of Facebook users for political purposes. The firm ultimately closed shop last May 1.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about the 5 apps listed here, as well as the ones recommended in another Gift of College post. All these apps are by and large safe to use, and more importantly, each will ensure continuous learning all-year-round.

Written for giftofcollege.com
By Katie Nichols


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