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Q&A: Gift of College Strategic Advisor Jaime Casap

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Gift of College has an ambitious vision: a future where every young person has access to higher education, without the burden of student loan debt weighing them down for decades to come. In pursuit of this vision, we seek out innovators and employers who are ready to link arms and further strengthen our impact. Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google and strategic advisor at Gift of College, is one of them. 
In today’s blog, Jaime shares insight for students and his vision for the future of higher education alongside Gift of College. 
What is the most exciting innovation that you’re seeing right now in higher education? 
I believe the situation we find ourselves in right now is going to cause new innovations we can't imagine. It's clearly needed. We are going to have a blend of in-classroom and online education and at the moment we don't really have the technology we need to do this right. 
What advice would you give young scholars who are entering higher education?
I continue to tell students that higher education is the most important thing they can focus on. The skills they need to develop around problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to learn are areas they can focus on in higher education. I tell them that they will not have time to do the things that they could possibly do in higher education at any other point in their lives. 
My advice to students is to spend time thinking about the problem that they want to solve and then using higher education as a means to identify the skills, abilities, and knowledge that they need to solve that problem.
What role do you see Gift of College playing in the future of higher education, and what drew you to us?
It is clear that students need higher education. It is also clear that many students and their families do not think about higher education until it's time to enroll. The process and planning of what you will do after graduating high school have to start much earlier and if you begin the investment in higher education at an early age, you have more options.  
Gift of College is solving this problem. We are providing the resources and education parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and HR professionals need to help students think about and plan out their higher education strategies at a much earlier age than is commonly done. I'm excited to be part of that journey so that one day everyone understands the importance of investing in higher education.


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