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Infographic: Paying for College - Americans Feel the Strain

Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Gift of College ‘2020 Paying for College Survey’ gives a clear-eyed perspective on the student debt crisis that is weighing down Americans of all ages.
The data is resounding: student loans are causing emotional distress and interfering with other financial goals. And with many respondents unfamiliar with 529 college savings plans, families are missing crucial opportunities to save for the future – perpetuating a cycle of debt for future generations.
The time to break this cycle is now and the solution includes employers, who can leverage educational benefits programs to boost savings, pay down student loan debt and spread the word about best practices for saving and paying down debt. Ask your employer if they have an educational benefits program, and if they don’t, direct them to giftofcollege.com/employers-and-529!


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