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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Invite Education offers parents an easy to use website that is mobile and tablet friendly with all of the information, tools and resources needed to plan and pay for college from birth through 12th grade.

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Planning and paying for a college education is a daunting task for most parents.  It is a stressful and costly process that needs a well-thought out academic and financial strategy. Here’s a plain-English guide to understanding all of the issues parents deal with when thinking about planning and paying for college:

  • Part 1: Financing College 
    • Learn why it’s never too early or too late to start, and how programs such as the Gift of College can help you save (Chapter 1)
    • Easy to understand explanations of 529 Plans and other savings vehicles (Chapter 2) and how to choose the one that works best for you
    • A financial aid primer (Chapter 3) and scholarship search tips (Chapter 4)
    • In-depth discussion of federal and private credit student loans (Chapter 5), how to choose loans – and understand why they’re not all bad
    • Higher education tax benefits (Chapter 6)
    • Financial Aid (Chapters 9 & 10):
      • Details on the terms, the process and the forms 
      • What’s required for the FAFSA and CSS/Profile and how to piece together a financing package
      • Understanding the Financial Aid Award Letter: what’s “free money,” earned aid and loans
  • Part 2: Preparing for and Applying to College
    • Admissions (Chapters 7 & 8)
      • What are the tests to take?
      • How to plan starting as a freshman to create a terrific college application and how to deal with the college’s decision
  • Part 3: Pulling it all Together 
    • Advice on age-appropriate discussions related to financial literacy (Chapter 11)
    • From pre-school through 12th grade, guidance on creating a solid “family college plan” (Chapter 12)

The book is available wherever books are sold and at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel


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